Oskar Staudinger


Oskar Staudinger

Previous exhibitions*


  • 2021 “Der letzte Künstler”, performativer Akt, Feuerwache Loschwitz, Dresden
  • 2020 “Wintersalon”, Galerie Kunst & Eros, Dresden
  • 2020 “6 mal Sex”, Rittergut Ehrenberg
  • 2020 “Memento Mori”, Soultunes, Magdeburg
  • 2019 “Schwarzer Humor auf weißem Papier”, Gerstaecker, Dresden
  • 2018 “Bilders Best”, Büchers Best, Dresden
  • 2018 “Sommersalon”, Galerie Kunst & Eros, Dresden
  • 2018 “6 mal Sex”, Rittergut Ehrenberg
  • 2018 “Wintersalon”, Galerie Kunst & Eros, Dresden
  • 2017 “In fernem Land”, Breschke und Schuch, Dresden
  • 2016 “Dich ruft die Kunst”,HfBk, Dresden


»Der letzte Künstler«

A pure performance by Oskar Staudinger

Text: Solvig Frey February 7th 2021


Der letzte Künstler

A year ago the world saw its first coronavirus lockdown – Oskar Staudinger presented us a frightening performance of an artist, whose fear of existence becomes visible and tangible: naked, drawing self-portraits with only coverd with a mask. The mirror next to him behind glas, presenting everything without protection. He has responded to a call from the gallery of the Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz for the temporary use of the empty rooms. For two days he exposed himself to the unprotected gaze of passers-by. He could not hear approving or controversial debates – the windows / doors remained locked. But the artist, who otherwise works alone in his studio, tries to save his bare skin here – from being forgotten, from loneliness, from the loss of existence. He stands for all other artists who have not been seen / heard since the lockdown.

While works by Oskar Staudinger can be seen through the windows of the Kunst & Eros gallery on Hauptstrasse 15, other galleries, such as those of the Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz, remain empty, unpublished, unhoused, unvisited.

Since February 1st, the “Kulturgesichter Dresden” campaign has been drawing attention to the situation of artists and cultural workers in Dresden with a photo campaign.

Image: Solvig Frey